Explore Helen Glassford's most recent Scottish Landscape paintings, as well as an archive of abstract landscape paintings created in recent years. Oil paintings on board.  Also see watercolours and studies. 

Uninhabited • 2019

Uninhabited • 2019

Helen Glassford brings a softness to her work, which nudges its way into the visual memory of the beholder. Her abstract landscapes reveal a deft touch and are in possession of a lilting approach to colour and tone. Everything in its place and a place for everything.
— Jan Patience • The Herald
I enter the studio with time, memory and place in mind and with the premonition that new moments will soon be discovered.
In a literal sense my work touches on the atmosphere, geography and weather experienced in the Scottish hills and coastal margins, taken directly from my personal experiences whilst being in the landscape. Evoking an affinity for the physical aesthetics but also with the spirit and sensibilities of place.

In a metaphoric sense my paintings dip below the surface of what is actually real in a visual sense to something that that can almost be touched in a philosophical one. Land and tidal margins, edges, gaps, spaces offer whispers of the sublime moments in life which replenish the soul with restfulness and contemplation but also with the promise of something new. From sun to storm, from low tide to high there is a constant shift, much like patterns of life, these moments in between are there to inspire, celebrate and meditate on.

I see painting as the exciting means of perpetual discovery. There is always more to experience, enlighten and convey.