Paintings 2018 

Traveller II • Oil on Board • 48x122cm.

Traveller II • Oil on Board • 48x122cm.


This year has seen me moving through several different bodies of work. I find that my work is increasingly concerned with seeking a connection between humankind and nature. How we interact and respond directly with and to the landscape but also how our perceptions of it change according to circumstances and influences.

The latest oil paintings at the top half of this page are related to trips to the West Coast, Mull, Iona, Staffa and to more local East Coast Fife beaches.

In late Winter I worked on series inspired by Tiree

Early Spring 2018 I concentrated on the Year Marker Series,

‘As modern life becomes faster and faster I have found myself making the conscious effort to try to slow time down. This of course is wanting the impossible, so it then becomes about the perception of time. The more we engage the longer time lasts. Year Marker Series is just this. It's about noticing the quiet magic. The traces of a stream bed; the movement of unseen winds; the slowness of black volcanic rock; the sound of Gabriel's hounds’.